Nothing compares to the look and feel of stainless steel.
Whether you walk into the kitchen of a busy restaurant, into your friend's home, or your boss's office, a stainless steel piece exudes quality and sophistication. More than just visually pleasing, stainless steel designs are the ultimate in durability and functionality. They are easy to maintain, fit perfectly into your surroundings, and are ideal in the workplace and in the home.

Astor has earned the reputation of being one of the frontrunners in the manufacture of stainless steel. From custom-made items to standard, easy-to-order stock pieces, Astor's uncompromising quality, workmanship and professionalism is unrivaled. Take a look at our extensive product listing for a portfolio of custom-made and standard pieces. Time and time again we've enjoyed demonstrating our commitment to quality and innovative, cutting-edge design.

No project is too challenging.
Astor has the capacity and experience to meet your needs and bring your designs to life.